Ringtone Setter 1.9.5


Want to add custom-made ringtones to your Android device? Frustrated with having to try and place your custom-made ringtones in just the right place and just the right folder in order for them to appear in your Notifications, Ringtones, and Alarms Lists? Then this app is for you!!

Use the application to add any of your custom-made ringtones, located on the external memory, to the Notifications, Ringtones, and Alarms lists on your Android Device - hassle free!

All you have to do is send custom-made ringtones (via Bluetooth, email, etc) to your android device or connect your phone to a computer to transfer your ringtones (via USB) and let "Ringtone Setter" do the rest! - No need to worry about placing the ringtone(s) in any particular location... "Ringtone Setter" is smart and will find your ringtone(s).

NOTE: App looks for ringtones on an "External" storage. If your device does not have "External" storage capabilities, the app will not be of any use to you.

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, or find problems(bugs) with the app please email me at holmeswareapps@gmail.com

VERSION 1.9.4 (8-30-2011)
*Bug fixes (hopefully no more "Force Close"es)

VERSION 1.9.2 (6-22-2011)
*Se Habla Espanol!

VERSION 1.9 (6-11-2011)
*Added the ability to "Press and Hold" on a ringtone, in order to preview before adding it to any lists.
*Added support for ringtones in .m4a and .wav formats (in addition to the already existing support of .mp3 and .mp4 formats)

VERSION 1.8 (6-10-2011)
*Added the ability to remove unwanted ringtones from Notification, Ringtones, and Alarm Lists.
*Removed all unnecessary permissions.
*Added ability to install application on both the internal and external memory(if available). (NOTE: If using Android 2.2 or greater and external memory is available, application will prefer that the device install application on the external memory, you can later move it to internal memory, if desired)

*Revamped the way in which the application lists the available ringtones(mp3, mp4) stored on the external memory. Instead of showing a giant list of ringtones and instead of showing the full path to the ringtone, the list view now allows you to navigate through folders/directories in order to find the ringtone you are looking for.

*Initial Release

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